About Knotted

about knotted

How it Started.

I love to create. It seems like such a broad statement but it seems to be the best way to describe myself.

I’ve sewn my high school prom dress, baked cakes, created music, movies and a bunch of other things and always found myself passionate about each project.

Macrame has become my passion and has been more then just a way to create but also a way to relax. The feel of the cord and the complex yet beautiful way you can knot, twist and tie cord into pieces of art give me a great sense of joy. I hope to continue creating and I hope the pieces I make are as beautiful to you as they are to me.

Knotted By Eva uses 100% cotton and 100% Bamboo string and cord to create bohemian inspired macrame pieces. From wall hangings to ornaments each pieces is handmade and unique.